Fire instructions/ Emergency contacts

In case of fire you should follow the order of priority:

1. ALERT - Press nearest manual fire alarm.

2. RESCUE - Attempt to rescue people who are injured or for other reasons cannot get out of the building.

3. EXTINGUISHING - If possible, try to extinguish the fire with available fire extinguishers.

THE ALARM - do the following:

- Go quietly out of the building to collect space

- Close all doors and windows on the way out

- Do not use elevators!

- Use the nearest exits/ emergency exit

- If necessary, use fire hoses and/ or fire extinguishers to put out/ prevent the spread.

Notify yourself with additional information about:

- Where's the Exit/ emergency exits?

- Where is the fire hoses?

- Where are fire extinguishers and how these function.

- Supplementary fire instructions.

Fire: 110 - Police: 112 - Ambulance: 113

If you need to contact HSN in an emergency situation, you can call 31 00 89 00. 


Fire: 110

Police: 112

Ambulance: 113