Examination - special arrangements

The application deadlines are September 1st and February 1st.

USN is a process of digitalizing all final exams. Some exams can already be completed digitally on student laptops (through WISEflow), while some must be written by hand on a 3-layered paper.

Digital exams demand that you have your own laptop (PC or Mac). 

If you have any physical or medical disability which means that you are in need to do a digital exam by hand, a written exam by computer, or have any other special requirements, you need to apply before the deadline by filling out the Application for Special Examination Arrangements (.pdf)

The application and the documentation must be submitted to the Examination Office on your campus, and will be handled confidentially. 

The documentation from the doctor/specialist must give answer to:

  1. A brief description of the illness/disability/diagnosis
  2. Is the illness/disability permanent?
  3. Does the illness/disability give special problems during an examination? If so, what problems?
  4. Which measures do the doctor/specialist mean is necessary to complete the examination?