1, 2, 3 - and you're a student

The most important things you have to do in order to be registered as a student.

  1. Create a student account
  2. Log on to the Student web and confirm your education plan
  3. Pay the semester fee* - you'll find the amount, account number and KID number in Student Web. By doing this you will be registered for the semester. 
  4. Take a photo for your student card, either at the IT helpdesk on campus, or choose a photo to upload. 
  5. Download your digital student ID or get a semester sticker for your student card at the student service center on campus.
  6. Pick up your student card in the service center at your campus. It provides access to the buildings and to borrow books at the student library. 

* Exchange students usually do not pay a semester fee, as you normally pay fees to your home institution.